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Professional Crane 3-Axis Image Stabilizer

Ever wondered how moviemakers and photographers are still able to stabilize videos and images while running on rough terrain, driving on rocky roads, and you name it, but they still manage to create smooth and outstanding video quality.

The Professional Crane 3-Axis Image Transmission Stabilizer is designed with some new functions such as MotionMemory and POV. It is improved on payload from 1.8kg to 2.5kg. You will not only have time-lapse photography in the daytime but also at night as well. The Professional Image Stabilizer is powered by two  26500 Batteries which keep providing power for 6 hours to12 hours operating time respectively.

  •  Supports payload of up to 2.5kg (5.51lbs); phone APP - ZY Play support motion time-lapse and panoramas photography.
  • Designed with POV (Point of View) mode, allows for an additional 45 degrees camera movement even when you roll left or right.
  • Object-tracking via phone app control, easier and convenient to track the moving object
  •  Anti-Slip sweatband for extended use, control cable able to sync operation of the camera and stabilizer on shooting and zooming,