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Wearable Action Camera Stabilizer Gimbal

The Wearable Action Camera Stabilizer Gimbal was born for sports. With it's anti-shake calculations, combines with the lightweight brushless motor can maintain high torque, strong power and efficient power consumption. Enjoy the 2.5 hours power lasting capability to record a full world cup match.

No matter hanging or wearing, the Wearable Action Camera Stabilizer Gimbal owns 2000/s real-time calibration to make sure that stable shooting is monitored by the anti-shake method. Since your GoPro camera needs immediate response to shoot, the Wi-Fi enabled shooting function on the gimbal makes it more convenient to capture the right footage at the right time.

  • 360° rotated angle in tilting and panning axis,which can help you to take wide footage.
  • Intelligently follow per-set route in auto-rotation mode, fit for motion time-lapse or automatic shooting.
  • Compatible with GoPro HERO 7/6/5/4 or any other similar size action cameras.
  • WI-Fi control and rapid shoot
  • Compatible with extension bar and tr-pod with 1/4 inch thread hole at the button and side.Suitable for all the accessories of Go Pro base adapter with 1/4 inch T-head connector.