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1080P HD Wearable Action Camera

Lightweight, hands-free and providing high-quality recording and sharing, The 1080P HD Wearable Action Camera leaps forward in wearable video capture technology. The 1080P HD Wearable Action Camera has been designed to complement the busy lifestyle of today’s consumer. Worn as a forward facing headband, the camera captures true footage without being intrusive or cumbersome. As well as recording high-quality photos and 1080p videos, The HD Wearable Action Camera enables simple, easy-to-activate online streaming and sharing. Available in five, individual colors, The 1080P HD Wearable Action Camera is the perfect tech addition for capturing amazing experiences, fond memories or skills and expertise.

  • High-quality 1080p video capture, time lapse and 8MP photo modes.
  • Long-life battery - 3 hours of recording on a single charge, plus a further10 hours with a portable external power pack.
  • True POV footage captured hands-free and on the go.
  • Preview footage, and control your camera, via your mobile Apple or Android device.
  • Easy-to-use video streaming from the X1 directly to your mobile device.
  • Broadcast your videos live online via your local wi-fi network.